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Bachelor Party Tour

Bachelor Party Tour - Mens Tour Deluxe

Your private Hangover-tour, an ideal opportunity for a stag-do in Hamburg

This is your private Men – Bachelor Party Reeperbahn – Tour of an extra class and we will show you our St. Pauli by heart. Brothels, tiny and unknown Gentleman Club with tabledance, the Herbertstreet and other places. When you realy want to know what´s up and how much it is, how to negotiate and what you will get – then it´s our Men – Tour to give you the answers.

Stag do Tour for groups of men


We start our Men only Kiez Tour directly in the heart of the redlight district at the entry tot he Große Freiheit, on the Beatles Platz. We wont run down the standard and classical places, we go to the more unknown spots, were everything is authentic and starts going.


We will explain the business, the rules and also how to explain wishes and needs and how to negotiate.


Thats all in and just for you:


  • A wellcome beer for all participants

  • Individual planning oft he Tour, we start with a little gathering to discuss the content and wishes

  • Big private Tour over the Kiez and along the Reeperbahn

  • Visit in a classic Tabledance-Bar with a private show for you and the broom. A hot show with a little , probably deserved punishment“ for the broom

  • Free entrance in several clubs with our VIP – bracelet

  • Visit in the famous boxing cellar of the pimp bar „Ritze“, including a group picture on the ring site and a free shot



Thats important


  • Minimum age is 18 +

  • Price and size: 550,- € for groups of 1 – 10

  • Each additional participant costs 55,- €

  • On groups bigger than 12 the broom is for free

  • A tour for men only

  • Who is too drunk, at the start or during the tour, can be excluded by the guide without refund

Price per Participant
55,- EUR


550- EUR für 1-10 Men

Each additional participant costs 55,- €

Meeting Point

"Beatles Platz" - the entry of the "Große Freiheit"

Stag do or Bachelor party in Reeperbahn

Are you planning a stag do or bachelor party in Reeperbahn? We are the right choice for you. We offer private Hangover tours which give you the chance to enjoy an exciting stag do. A bachelor party in Hamburg gives you everything you need to have a good time. There are plenty of exciting daytime activities, a beautiful setting, a big red light district popularly known as the 'sinful mile,' and delicious food. The nightlife is vibrant and the beer selection is spectacular. It is the perfect choice for our beer tour.

The Private Tour

We take you on a private men-bachelor party where you and your friends can enjoy all the activities on your list. Some of the places we may tour include brothels, the local clubs, unknown Gentleman Clubs with table dance, and more. We are glad to provide you with information regarding what to expect and make negotiations on your behalf.

Our men-only Kiez tour starts at the entry tot he Große Freiheit. From there, we take you to plenty of amazing places. The best thing about getting our services is that we take you to amazing hidden places that you may not find on your own. We do not just take you to the popular o well-known place that you could easily find on your own.

We understand that negotiation can be a problem and we are glad to help. We give you guidance on how to get the best deals and how to ask for whatever you want.

What to Expect

• A Visit to a table dance bar. We take you to a bar that offers a private show and probably a little action for the broom.

• Free entrance to various clubs

• A welcome beer for all members of your group

• A visit to the boxing cellar of 'Ritze.' You get to take a group photo at the ring site and a free shot

• A private tour of the Reeperbahn

The Party Venue

The nightlife in Reeperbahn Hamburg makes it an excellent option for a bachelor party. There are plenty of amazing pubs, clubs, local eateries, and music festivals. It is possible to find a club to suit any preferences.


Pauli is an excellent destination if you are looking for a wild night out for your stag do. The red party district is home to some of the most amazing erotic bars and sex shops. It is the perfect place to fulfill your desires.

Things to Remember

• The minimum age to be on the tour is 18

• The tour is exclusively for men

• Any additional member of the team has to pay 55,- €

• If a member is too drunk to participate in the beer tour, t is okay for them to remain behind without a refund.

We prioritise your safety at all times. We help you know about the places to avoid and the places to visit. Some places in Hamburg may seem safe but they are not. We let you focus on having fun while we take care of your safety needs. Having been in the business for a long time, we have had different clients with different needs. We, therefore, know how to satisfy all types of demands. We are glad to transform your bachelor party or stag do into an amazing experience. Contact us today to book your three-hour bachelor tour.

Vereinsausflug und Gruppenreise nach Hamburg

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